Raebareli enjoys a very long history of traditional arts. Shoes (NAAGRE) of Semrauta, brassware of Maharajganj and earthen toys of Kakoran are living examples of craftsmanship for which Raebareli was always famous.

In modern times, however, Raebareli was transformed from the traditional agro economy, and cast onto the industrial map of India way back in the seventies under the dynamic leadership of then Prime Minister of India, Mrs. INDIRA GANDHI.

Free India’s first public sector unit, M/s INDIAN TELEPHONE INDUSTRIES LTD, set shop here. Many small scale units also sprang up, primarily as an ancillray to ITI Ltd. Other industrial houses also took the cue. Today, the Industrial GDP is growing @ 4% per annum, which compares favourably with the National average.

Major Industrial Areas in Raebareli (Developed by UPSIDC)
Name Situation Area (Acre) Developed Area (Acre) Developed Plots Allotted Plots Land Rate
Industrial Area Site No.1 Sultanpur Road 140.00 124.28 91 89 150/- per sqm
Industrial Area Site No. 2 Amawan Road 220.00 198.00 116 112 150/- per sqm
Mini Industrial Areas in Raebareli (Developed by UPSIDC)
Situation Land Purchased (Acre) Total Plots Allotted Plots Land Rate (sqm)
Lalganj 10.47 33 29 30/-
Maharajganj 12.74 17 15 60/-
Industrial Areas in Raebareli (Developed by Distt. Industry Centre)
Situation Area (Acre) Developed Area (Acre) Developed Plots Allotted Plots
Bachhrawan 10.64 10.64 30 30
Unchahar 3.22 3.22 24 23
Dalmau 3.13 3.13 25 12
Harchandpur 3.06 3.06 15 13
Sataon 2.50 2.50 14 14
Kheeron 2.47 2.47 13 10
Shivgarh 2.50 2.50 16

Indian Telephone Industries

The torchbearer of modern day industrialisation of Raebareli, the local unit of M/s ITI Ltd., formerly known as INDIAN TELEPHONE INDUSTRIES Ltd. was established in 1972 under the dynamic leadership of the then Prime Minister Mrs. INDIRA GANDHI. Giving employment to about 6000 people, this unit manufactures state of the art electronic switching equipments, and has been a major factor for INDIA’s self reliance in the Telecom sector. Switching equipments based on the C-DoT as well as multinational technologies are manufactured here.

Feroz Gandhi Thermal Power Project

This project was started on 27th June 1981. This unit is known for the highest Plant Load Factor in the whole of INDIA.The unit was handed over to NTPC in 1992.

With a generating capacity of 840 Megawatt being upgraded to 1500 MW, the unit is managed by the NTPC and is role model for Thermal Power units in general.

Nandganj Sirohi Sugar Mill, Dariyapur

After realising the problems of Sugarcane farmers, This Sugar Mill was established in Dariyapur, Raebareli in 1979. In 1998 the mill was expanded and from then the daily production went up to 1500 quintals. Average production per year is approximately 1,20,000 quintals.

This sugar mill provides a good market to the local sugarcane growers, who get the true remuneration for their produce. The mill has been a catalyst of all-round growth of the local population, who get all sorts of direct and indirect employment from this mill.

Birla Cement Factory

The Cement factory was established by the BIRLAS in the Industrial Area at Amawan Road, Raebareli. The unit started functioning in 1998-99.

Shree Bhawani Paper Mills Limited

Shree Bhawani paper mills limited is situated in the Industrial area at Sultanpur Road in Raebareli. It was started in the year 1983. The Paper mill is producing approximately 45 to 50 Tones of paper daily. The raw material required for the production of paper is procured from the district itself, which benefits the rice mill owners and traders of the district.

Since 1995 the mill is using it’s Diesel Generator set instead of power supplied by UP State electricity Board and the production has improved.

Concepta Cables Ltd.

The factory was established in 1983 with a cost of Rs. 20 crores. The main product is PIJF Telecommunication.