Unchahar ( Raebareli ),24th April 2009: Campaigning for her mother Sonia Gandhi in Raebareli parliamentary constituency, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra appealed to the people to vote in favor of Congress President for the development of the constituency.

She said that people of Raebareli had elected Indiraji and there had been a relationship of affection and devotion between her family and the people of the constituency. “Indiraji was like a mother to Soniaji and whatever she has learnt about the family, country and its culture, is from her mother-in law.” She said that this would be a vote for development and for the decade long relationship. Priyanka Gandhi Vadra said that people voted her mother mostly for two reasons; one was the developmental work done by her and second was her families’ relationship with this constituency. “You have seen it all. The amount of work and struggle Indiraji did for Raebareli. It was not only for Raebareli but for whole of the country. She even sacrificed her life for the country,” she said. Praising Congress President for continuing family traditions, she said, “Soniaji has proved that she carries the same virtue carried by other Gandhi family members.” Priyanka Gandhi Vadra said that the people of Raebareli have built this relationship and they have shown their wisdom in electing Sonia Gandhi. She praised the people for recognizing their own strength and said that people there voted only on the basis of developmental work. Priyanka Gandhi Vadra said, “You have made this constituency an example for rest of the country. Many journalists ask me why people here elect us and I say that people of Raebareli vote for development.” She asked them to be selfish on voting day and be careful so that, no one could misguide them. Praising people for their support, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra said, “you have shown the path to us and the whole country is looking toward you.” She repeated, “Whenever my mother comes to Delhi from Raebareli she only talks of your hard life and your struggle. She has a great respect for you and that is why she wants to serve you.” Thanking people for their continuous support to Nehru-Gandhi family, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra said, “Whatever we are today, it is due to the people of Raebareli.” She asked them to support Soniaji not for her massive victory but for sending a message to other countrymen. She said that by doing that the entire country would think that they too should use their conscience, just like the people of Amethi and Raebareli. Priyanka Gandhi said that a massive win was not something Soniaji would aspire for. “She is free from ego and does not aspire for status. She has fulfilled her duties towards her family, the society and nation,” she said. Priyanka Gandhi Vadra added that she had come there only to say that there must be politics for development. “I do feel that this message will be going out from Raebareli,” she hoped.