Congress President in Rae Bareli


Congress president Sonia Gandhi is on two-day visit to Rae Bareli..  She is visiting there to review developmental projects being run there.   In an event organised by the Central government’s Women and Child Welfare Ministry at the Rajiv Gandhi Stadium, she said, “Women comprise half of the population. They possess latent ability. That  ability in women needs to be brought out”, she said.   “For the country to attain prosperity it is required that this segment (women) should become happy and wealthy.Our society and the country would attain self-reliance in its real sense only when the women are in a position to tackle their problems on their own”, she further said.
“I believe that my sisters can face any situation. By resolve and self reliance they will move forward shoulder-to-shoulder with their family, society and the country. With their ability and confidence they are equal to any person”, she added.
Women take onerous responsibility of looking after and rearing family. Their ability and contribution must be understood which is important for wholesome development. Success of future generation depends largely on them. Stressing on women’s role in nation building, the Congress President said that the UPA government was making every effort to make the country’s women self-reliant.
While speaking at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium she added, “Be it in terms of law or welfare policies, our UPA government has been making sincere efforts aimed at women’s self-reliance and empowerment.”
She said that due to “social barriers”, girls and women in the country were facing challenges of different kinds.
“Girls hold the future of the country. Their conditions are not suitable for development even today. Disparity between  male and female is a matter of concern and this should be looked as pointer to disadvantaged position for girl. Our society does not fully understand the importance of women and female children. I am sure that day will come when our women will march shoulder-to-shoulder with the men” she said.
“We should give attention to health and inculcate constructive attitude among the girls. This would ensure development of human resources (capacity building) and overall development of the country”, she added.
“Like UPA government is providing legal right of free education to children especially girls between the age group of 6 to 14, Rajiv Gandhi Girls Empowerment programme is being also implemented. Its other name is Sabla (empowerment).  I want to lay stress that by this programme the girls will get opportunity to get better health services and secure the right to ask information from the government. I hope all girls will get benefit of this scheme”, Sonia Gandhi explained.
“Under this programme the girls and mothers will get knowledge of subjects like child-care, nutrition and health. They will also be given training for self-employment.
“Considering this, one of the main responsibilities before our government is to secure the future of girls. We must realise the contribution of women in nation-building,” She emphasized.